Translation is like music

Some regard translation as a science, while some as an art. In order for a translation to be valuable, it has to be both. There is a certain art in giving the same sentiment to a text that is translated in another language. The science is used when taking care of various texts that repeat themselves, like an instructional video or service manual.

Just like music, translation has improved over the years because of technology. When I say that music has improved, I am talking about the amount of people it reaches today, how  much it costs to make and the speed in which music is made in contrast to earlier years. Technology helped make translation faster and more accurate for the translators and cheaper for the clients.

This video shows us the resemblance between translation and music:

There is a very big difference between translating a few words for school and translating a legal document. When ever a business wants to communicate with foreign markets or audiences, a professional is needed. Only professional translation services add real value to any business as it makes their content accessible to everyone. The key to demolishing language barriers lays with these services.


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