The U.S. still can’t sell to Latinos

Lost in TranslationThe U.S. has recognised that they need to sell to the Hispanic people as well long ago. In California, they represent around 30 percent of the total population. Many companies have devised all sorts of marketing strategies that were weaved especially for this audience. However, the health care officials from Covered California are new to this and they made several mistakes.

One mistake is that the early TV ads directed towards the Latinos, end with just a website address. Bessie Ramirez, who works for a Los Angeles-based Santiago Solutions Group, a Hispanic market research firm, says that finishing the ads like that is a big mistake, because there is no physical address for a help center nor a phone number. She says that Latinos do use the Internet a lot, but they don’t make any transactions through it. They prefer walking to an office or calling.

Another mistake, maybe the worse of them, is that Covered California simply translated ads that were meant for English natives into Spanish. This leads to a lot of weird sentences and nuances, as it happens in all languages when proper localisation isn’t made.

The state spent $5 million on the Spanish campaign last year and they aim on spending over $8 million this year. Why? Because the average Latino is healthier. So their money will help support the older and sicker U.S. citizens.

Covered California is going to research the Latino market better and come up with a better marketing campaign for the Spanish natives.

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