Translation by collaboration: A translators workshop in the Balkans

TED talks always get translated. But these aren’t just random acts of various translators. There are big collaborations that take place in between translators to ensure good results in a timely manner.

What this shows is that people from around the world have access to the Internet. There wouldn’t be a need for translation if people would stick to the information they have available in their own country. This makes translation something very important to us today.

Business and institutions alike need to make their content understandable by a large variety of languages. It’s the direction our world is going so people need to stay on top.

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“In this place, you can connect to people that have been drawn apart for years by nationalists and the war. You can put them together in the same room and … people are talking about the greater good.”

This quote was recorded at the first regional Open Translation Project workshop held in Novi Sad, Serbia, on September 14. At the workshop, translators from five countries in the Balkans region — Serbia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina — gathered for a day of learning, meeting and knowledge sharing. Until mid-’90s these countries were part of Yugoslavia and shared a language, Serbo-Croatian. But after the country’s breakup, different dialects developed into separate languages. Still, people from these countries are able to understand one another.

For translators in the Balkans, the workshop was a unique opportunity. Some traveled hours to attend. Participants came from different backgrounds and many kinds of fields…

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