Why Become an Interpreter or Translator

Translation and Interpretation ServicesIt’s amazing how people who are able to work, complain that they have no jobs and can’t find any. It’s amazing because we live in the technology age where the other end of the world is just a click away. We are able to converse with people from around the world without any major problems, technology wise. One real problem, that has existed for some time now, is the language barrier. So why not look for a job there?

A recent report by the U.S.  Bureau of Labour Statistics revealed that by the year 2020, 20.5 million new jobs will be made available, which is a 14.3 percent increase from 2010. From those jobs, the roles of interpreter or translator have very good growth rates. Here is some concise data:

  • Projected Increase in 2020: 42.2 percent
  • Number Employed in 2010: 58.400
  • Median Pay in 2010: $43.300

In terms of education and/or training for such a position, a bachelor’s degree is usually needed for the target language, which has to be your native one. A related college degree is recommended. For the source language, this is the foreign language, you don’t necessarily need anything as long as you have a higher form of education.

If the person seeking such a position has a degree in something technical like Engineering or Legal Practice, they could use them to seek better paying jobs. Technical translators and interpreters are always sought after. Having some experience in the graduated profession also helps a great deal.

Considering the projected growth for this role, starting a career as a translator or interpreter seems to be a logical step for anyone looking to a career change or looking for a job. There will be a lot of work waiting for them as companies will always need translation and interpreting services.

Examples how companies are starting to go Global are all over. The most famous example is Apple who released an adaptation of the iPhone 5S for the Chinese market, which they called the iPhone 5C. Another example is the Tokyo based tire manufacturer, Bridgestone. They are adopting the English language as their official language for a global push.

These are the only reasons someone needs to pursue this career as it offers a lot of opportunity and is quite accessible to everyone.

Click here to see a list of the 30 most fastest growing jobs by the year 2020.


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