Transcription Services London – Global Lingo Transcription Vs. YouTube

Transcription services London-based are in high demand. London is one of the most active business centers in the world. There are thousands of companies and institutions that need transcription services. Finding the best services can be tricky as there are a lot of options. That said, I will talk about the transcription services in London from Global Lingo.

I did an earlier post about how Global Lingo helped with a fundraising for Simon on the Streets. There is also a video there where Richard Michie, Marketing Director, shares a few impressions about the event.

YouTube has the option to automatically create a transcript of the videos. I didn’t see this option in all videos, but some have it. It’s right under the View counter.

Now am I going to show you how good Global Lingo’s transcription services are in comparison with the machine transcription.

The generated transcript from YouTube reads like this:

0:00 money which is Mickey and with family marketing director for the global lingo
0:04 and we got mean police on the streets and
0:07 because I had before I’m inside only to the Christmas
0:12 nothing you could use comes out for me and my colleagues Johnny bass
0:15 I’m who joined complete just up to Christmas in fact and
0:19 help some super she’s not and bands you can imagine what we could do
0:23 and we can go to get off the job done he still owns is on the super
0:28 it meant a lot to johnnie I’m make %ah let’s make some
0:31 from Leeds and I’ve done it before so they have some fun on some streets
0:36 basically we also was that on the streets we took Torrance
0:39 that stocks in Leeds where the homeless sleep and lot of things
0:44 did not go until then but it down for the night and we raised to
0:48 old 2000 400 pounds ish
0:52 still going open mic night tonight house but so far I about to pass people who
0:56 speak
0:57 happy I think I was least go to sleep now it’s
1:01 I I we were really looking at the weather was pretty good
1:04 and thankfully didn’t rain the floor was pretty hard in mind map and some
1:08 Pat company think it was to prove you could go sleeping on the floor in it
1:12 an essential ingredient am but it wasn’t sea bass I think we we we were pretty
1:17 look inside it rained
1:18 that will put a completely different that’s been on I think one of the things
1:21 is that
1:22 only on the night it was it busy does not lead snows lot of people going out
1:27 in time sell surplus people dressed in a nice time and
1:32 I’ve been himself and do not and use come it don’t see the people who club
1:36 quite loosely cannot people walking past them in the fifth Street
1:39 and the people who have not know I would do the same kind of thing
1:42 we can if although we will come if got middle-class ‘em must look
1:47 films the notices so as we didn’t exist either because that’s the only the best
1:51 and I know if it was just a hidden problems
1:54 am I think most people have that kind of attitude in
1:57 now up to now you you more receptive to seen these people in thinking about
2:02 do the people on their end of a stop somewhere to go
2:05 a night when you can poems climbing tonight
2:09 moment the new
2:18 the new

Yes, it’s amazingly bad.

Now here is the transcription done by one of the writers from Global Lingo in under an hour.

Richard Michie (Global Lingo, Marketing Director): My name is Richard Michie. I am the Marketing Director for Global Lingo. We got involved with Simon on the Streets because I had heard about them before; I donated at Christmas rather than giving out cards. Then, one of my colleagues, Jonny Bates – who joined the company just after Christmas – helps in the soup run on a Tuesday night. We mentioned what we could do, and we got together after that. Jonny still volunteers on the soup run, so it meant a lot to him. It meant quite a lot to me because I am from Leeds and I have done it before. That is how we found out about Simon on the Streets.

Basically, we all slept out on the streets. We took a nice, guided tour of the spots in Leeds where the homeless sleep and learnt a lot of things. We then bedded down for the night. We raised a total of around £2,400. That is still growing; I hope we might raise £2,500, but so far it is about £2,400.

I think the thing I was least looking forward to was sleeping out in the night. I think we were really lucky because the weather was pretty good, and thankfully it did not rain. The floor was pretty hard. Even though I had a mat and some cardboard underneath me, it was still pretty uncomfortable sleeping on the floor, in what was essentially a graveyard, but it was not too bad. I think we were pretty lucky because, had it rained, that would have put a completely different spin on the night.

I think one of the things is that it was a busy Thursday night in Leeds, and there were a lot of people going out and enjoying themselves, all dressed up having a nice time. I have been there and done that myself, and you just do not see these people who are quite clearly sleeping out, although you are probably walking past them on different streets. The people who were out that night were doing the same kind of thing: although we were all quite middle class and muffled up, they almost ignored us. It was almost as if we did not exist because they just got on with the rest of their night, as if it was just a hidden problem.

I think most people have that kind of attitude. Having done that, you are more receptive to seeing these people, and thinking about the fact that there are other people out there who do not have somewhere to go at night, when you can pop home and climb into your nice warm bed.


See the difference? You can view the original post here.

Machine transcription is far from perfect, which is why human generated transcription services are still sought after. It will be so for years to come, so better find the best transcription services London to make sure that your meetings will be properly recorded in text.


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