Translation Services London – What To Look For In Translation

Legal Translation ServicesWith so many global companies now, translation is a must. One of the biggest cities that uses translation a lot more than other cities is London. That is why translation services London-based are in high demand. You can tell that by taking a look at this post which shows how much foreign languages are needed in the U.K.

So what exactly should you look for in translation?


Translating certain words is always up for debate, but there are also translations that are not up for discussion. It’s true that accuracy is needed in every piece of text. On the other hand, too much accuracy isn’t good alsoIn the “Iliad” by the Homer scholar Barry Powell there is a character named Chryses, a priest of Apollo. He translates the “areter”, which is the Greek word for “priest” as a “praying man”. While the translation isn’t inaccurate, the meaning of the word betrays the original as a praying man is not an officiant at a religious ritual, which Chryses actually is.


The translated text needs to look and feel like the original text. This is especially important in court hearings and also literature. In order to translate a novel or a poem, the texture of the original text must be found in the translated text also. That way the reader can experience the quality of the original and still understand the words.

If the translation you have contains these attributes, then you have a translator that understands his job. There is a very thin line between keeping a translation true to its original or translating every word per se and making the targeted text a mess.


2 thoughts on “Translation Services London – What To Look For In Translation

  1. Sorry to be so fussy….but in that final sentence, you want its (not it’s) and per se. 🙂

    Otherwise, all great points! I’ve worked as an interpreter from Spanish to English for refugees. Scary but important work.

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