Global Lingo Raising Awarness By Sleeping On The Streets

Simon on the Streets is a fundraising organisation in the U.K. In September it challenged people to sleep a night outside and see first hand what homeless people go through every day and night. The event was also to raise money to help those in need.

Global Lingo answered the challenge and started their own campaign and set a target of 1.000 pounds in donations. By the end of September, Global Lingo has achieved and exceeded that target, raising almost 2.500 GBP. The company Managing Director, Andrew Trotter, together with Richard Michie, Marketing Director and Jonny Bates, Sales Manager, slept out on the streets together with several other volunteers. Here are some impressions:

Global Lingo is a professional language service provider based in the United Kingdom with offices in Singapore, China and Cluj, Romania. For any translation services in London or any other services, feel free to contact them.


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