Chinese Cities Turn To Online Users For Help With Incorrect Translations


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China is known for its size and number of people living there as well as for their rich culture that pre-dates most other cultures. The Online community knows China for something above all else, “Chinglish“. A search for this term on Google will yield a lot of traffic and warning signs that have a very “rough” English translation.

China is well aware of this problem and has tried to remedy it before International events like the 2008 Olympics and the 2009 World Expo, but with not avail.

A city is going to try again. The city Shenzen has begun a campaign where it invites the Online users to report any incorrect translated signs to the city hall. Details are here.

The area has thousands of foreign tourists each year, which is why all signs are bilingual. Shenzen seeks to attract more tourists and even businesses by offering great opportunities for companies to invest in the city and better living standards for everyone. Participants are encouraged to send pictures to the campaign office via email, Weibo and Wechat and provide information about the location of the sign, the details of the mistake and their contact details. They will be awarded with certificates, a Chinese-English Dictionary and free English training classes.

The only problem is that while the campaign has been covered by local newspapers, News channels and even posters in schools, the results are so far zero. No one has sent any pictures so far.

Which is why I made this post, let’s see if we can help the city of Shenzen to get rid of their sign translation problems. Either share this post with any Chinese communities you might know or use the link above to find the actual source for the campaign and share that.


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