Intelligent Glasses Making Real-Time Translation Possible

Today we find ourselves a lot more open to travel and meeting new people. Work or holidays will almost always take us places where we might not be able to properly communicate because of the language barriers. Which is why many companies are working hard to make machine translation something that we can use every day with ease.

A Japanese company called NTT DoCoMo developed intelligent glasses that will be able to project the translation directly over the source text. They say that the prototype takes five seconds to come up with a translation and it can handle Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean languages so far.

The glasses will also enable the user to manipulate images on other computers and even images you see. See the video below

Wearable technology like this is certainly a step in the right direction for machine translation. It will make traveling a lot easier as we will be able to read foreign text in our own language in real-time. The glasses are still a prototype and there is still a problem of making machine translation more accurate.

The future is looking bright though!


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