Kevin Spacey At The Edinburgh International Television Festival

I was looking around my favorite websites for news and funny stuff when I saw a video on For those of you who don’t know, Wimp is a video sharing platform, like Youtube, but without the functionality of similar websites and without the useless and creepy videos that you can find on Youtube. Wimp is all about useful and interesting videos.

The title if the video reads “Kevin Spacey urges TV channels to give control to viewers”. My first thought was that he will talk about the abusive numbers of ads and their duration during any show. But it wasn’t what I thought. The actor talked about the concept of Netflix, where you can watch a whole series at once if you wish to and if it has been released, and why it is a lot better to have TV channels do the same thing.

If a show is really good and available to watch at a user’s leisure, people will pay for it rather than pirate it. Here is the video in question:

Sadly I won’t be able to do my rant about TV ads and ads in general now. Enjoy!


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