English Language Bar Too Low For International Students – Translation And Proofreading Needed

English Language Translation Needed in UniversitiesUniversities in the UK are having problems with international students that require too much help with their English. Lecturers say that simple proofreading isn’t enough to help out the students who have very limited English skills. There are a large number of cases where lecturers did not consider essays and other work from students on the basis of plagiarism. Some say that they had to proofread a bunch of Wikipedia citations and mish-mash translations.

The reason for this is the fact that Universities accept students who do not know even the most basic English language, this leading to lecturers having to tidy up papers that do not make any sense. The students who give out good work claim that they receive help by means of translation. You can view the article here.

Regarding the fact that the UK is filled with foreign people who would like to attend a school there, the English requirements would have to be a lot better. But when you set the bar too high, the students will not longer apply as not everyone can or did learn proper English up until that point.

It is pretty obvious that the Universities do not want to set the bar too high as their income will also diminish. But if the bar for English language remains like this, the lecturers will have a lot of work to do and students will also be able to mask plagiarism as their own work that has been translated into English by someone who knows that language.

What do you think?


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