When language service companies detect fraud bubbles

It all happened in China. A group of employees tried to rip off a huge bank where they were hired. They were confusing their superiors with coded emails about their fraudulent activities which served the purpose of making the employees gain more wages and bonuses. The bank superior noticed the strange emails but could not act on them on his own. Translators were brought in but they too weren’t successful. When the translators from Global Lingo came, things started to move on.


Because the first translators that came were based in the UK for some time. Global Lingo’s translators were based in China and they recognised the code – it was lyrics from popular Chinese pop songs.

This is to show how important it is to use “in-country” translators and interpreters. They know their culture best and can accurately translate any piece of text and play of words and can also catch on to any references easily.

You can view the full story plus a few more ways in which Global Lingo has helped, like with the disaster in Haiti, by viewing the original article here.


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